INTA 2024

18. – 22. May 2024

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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Event Description

INTA 2024, Annual Meeting of International Trademark Association is a trademark event for brand management, trademark, and other IP professionals.

Keynote speaker, Dr. Bernice A. King


Promote the role of trademarks worldwide; support and advance trademarks and related intellectual property concepts as essential elements of effective national and international commerce, in particular by promoting sound legislation, regulations and treaties; advance public perception and understanding in the field; provide trademark information and services to members, to trademark and legal professionals and to the public.


Ulrikke Asbøll

Ulrikke Asbøll

Head of IP Management Consulting/ Head of International Team - patent/ Attorney at law/ Senior partner

Ulrikke is an Attorney at Law with more than ten years experience offering legal and strategic Intellectual Property Rights advice, both in Norway and internationally.

Thomas Gaarder-Olsen

Thomas Gaarder-Olsen

Director Legal Department / Attorney at law / Senior partner

Thomas is the Director of the Legal Department and Senior Partner helping domestic and global clients with their trademarks and other intellectual property rights.

Ann-Cathrin Hoel

Ann-Cathrin Hoel

Head of Business Development, IP and Sustainability / Attorney at law / Senior partner

Ann-Cathrin has worked in intellectual property for more than 30 years. She also has extensive experience as an in-house lawyer, IP consultant and legal counsel at NIPO.

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