Geir Langli

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Geir has nearly 10 years of experiences in patent law practice, focusing mainly on patent mining and drafting, providing advice on patentability and best practice for obtaining patent protection, handling domestic and foreign patents and PCT applications, prosecution and appeal, 3rd party observations and oppositions, responding to office actions, patent invalidation and infringement litigations, FTO, […]

Eirik Røhmen

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Eirik is a European Patent Attorney specialising in the Materials Science and Process Chemistry sectors. He has almost 19 years’ experience of drafting and prosecuting patent applications in the Norwegian and European Patent Offices, and providing advice on Intellectual Property Rights protection. He has a particular focus on the production processes and products of industrial […]

Dorte Lajer

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Originally qualifying and working as a chemical engineer, Dorte Lajer is now a European Patent Attorney with EQE, and many years of experience in prosecution and IPR management. She works in a broad range of fields such as process chemistry, catalysis, material science, renewable energy, solar cells, inorganic chemistry, oil & gas technology, composites, organic […]