Your IP experts in Norway

We don’t just know the Intellectual Property scene in Norway, we helped create it!

We’ve assisted clients with IP issues for more than six decades, and we have 50 people at your service. This unique team of IP experts includes more than 30 patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law – most of whom joined us after successful careers in corporate, in-house IP departments or at the Norwegian Patent Office (NIPO). All our attorneys have sector or technical specialization.

Together, all of these facts bring three, distinct advantages:

  • We understand the challenges in-house lawyers face, how you think but also what you need from a specialist firm like ours, especially in terms of quality, speed and cost
  • We have unrivaled knowledge of Norwegian IP legislation and practice
  • We are experts at knowing what to do in periods of ambiguity, when the courts are still undecided. Added-value outcomes have become our stock-in-trade.

Some clients regard us as generalists; we regularly handle all IP legal matters. Others hire us as specialists, whether be in trademarks, design or patents.

Some want deep, industry sector experience or technical knowledge. This is another Onsagers strength, because we employ more technical PhDs than any other IP law firm in Norway.

Onsagers has extensive knowledge of all industries found at scale in Norway, but in particular pharmaceutical, bio-tech, oil & gas and maritime shipping.

Whether you are looking for IP specialists, generalists, with industry experience or technical knowledge, all Onsagers clients benefit from clear-cut, pragmatic advice and a personal, ‘hands-on’ approach to managing cases.

To help you find the person who most closely meets your needs, use the keyword search function on our Industry Teams or Attorneys pages, or contact us for a personal recommendation.

Onsagers is a top-tier, full-service firm with 30 patent attorneys and attorneys at law. We employ more ex-Norwegian Patent Office (NIPO) attorneys than any other firms, as well as acting as expert witnesses and judges.

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Onsagers helps with European Patent Office applications as part of our ‘full-service’ offering for all IP legal matters. We’ve handled and prosecuted cases in more than 140 different jurisdictions, and employ more technical PhDs than any other law firm in Norway.

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Lars-Fredrik Urang

CEO / Director Patent Department

Ann-Cathrin Hoel

Manager Business Development, IP and Sustainability/ Senior partner