Help with EPO filing

We prepare, manage and secure European Patent Office applications as part of our ‘full-service’ offering for all IP legal matters.

As Norway’s largest ‘top-tier’ IP law firm, we’ve worked on some of the world’s biggest, highest-profile and most complex IP litigation cases.

We’ve handled and prosecuted cases in more than 140 different jurisdictions, and we employ more technical PhDs than any other law firm in Norway. All this gives us an unrivalled knowledge base and technical capability.

But these are not the only reasons clients instruct us to handle their EPO applications. We’ve developed a singular approach to the way we work.

This promotes predictability over uncertainty, and cost-efficiency over ambiguity.

Onsagers has a Best Practice group dedicated to driving down average prosecution costs.

To find out more about how this can work to your advantage, talk to one of our European Patent Attorneys.

Onsagers is a top-tier, full-service firm with 30 patent attorneys and attorneys at law. We emply more ex-Norwegian Patent Office (NIPO) attorneys than any other firm, as well as expert witnesses and  judges. This means that when it comes to prosecution, we understand what is relevant.

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Handling IP issues for more than six decades, with 65 people at your service, we understand the challenges in-house lawyers face, how you think but also what you need from a specialist firm like ours, especially in terms of quality, speed and cost.

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Lars-Fredrik Urang

CEO / Director Patent Department

Ann-Cathrin Hoel

Manager Business Development, IP and Sustainability/ Senior partner
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