Portrett av Torill Jørgensen Bolstad

Career History

2022 – d.d.: Attorney at Law, Onsagers AS

2012 – 2022: General counsel, Bergen Engines AS

2011 – 2012: Attorney at Law, Sway Turbine AS

2007 – 2011: Attorney at Law/management consultant, Input AS

2006 – 2007: Associate attorney, Holm & Mørk DA

2002 – 2006: Contract manager, Hydro O&E

1998 – 2002: Legal advisor, Havforskningsinsituttet


1998: Cand.jur. (Master of Law), University of Oslo.
Registered with the Norwegian Bar Association since 2007.


Norwegian, English


Torill is an Attorney at Law, and has more than 20 years experience working with technology driven industry, both as a commercial adviser and as a legal professional. She has particular expertise in contracts law, and has worked with a vast variety of contracts throughout the value chain. Her experience spans from areas of research and development, oil and gas and renewable energy. Most recently as General counsel for a global industrial company headquartered in Norway, where she was part of the executive management team. As General counsel she had the opportunity to acquire a special expertise in relation to managing intellectual assets across the corporate group in a global marked. She has special focus on how to manage and maintain the commercial aspect of intellectual property rights ranging from know-how and confidential information to registered IP.

Torill enjoys working in close collaboration with the clients, and strongly believes that an interdisciplinary approach is often a prerequisite for effective problem solving.

Her special areas of expertise are mechanical and maritime industry, oil and gas, and renewable energy.

Torill joined Onsagers in August 2022.