Portrett av Pernille Rekdal Foss

Career History

2021 – d.d.: Onsagers (Norway)
May 2020: Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration Appeals Division. Advisor.
February 2020: Kinnarps AS. Advisor, national projects.
Nov-Des 2019: Advokatfirmaet GjessingReimers AS. Trainee.
Oct/Nov 2019: Deloitte Advokatfirma AS. Trainee.
Aug/Oct 2019: Advokatfirmaet GjessingReimers AS. Research Fellow.
2015 – 2019: Advokatfirmaet Schjødt AS. Secretary og paralegal.
Sept/Oct 2018: Ministry of Justice and Public Security. Intern.
2015 – 2018: Kinnarps AS. Part time advisor.


2019 – 2020: Single subjects; English, legal subjects. Faculty of Law, University of Oslo
2014 – 2019: Master of Law. Faculty of Law, University of Oslo
2013 – 2014: Corporate Social Responsibility, University of South-Eastern Norway


Norwegian, English

Pernille is an associate attorney specialized in IP. She has worked with a broad scope of IP rights, and has experience with IP litigation, enforcing rights, infringement matters, IP strategy and management.

During her time at law school she specialized in patent and trademark law, marketing law, competition law and cyber security, as well as international private law. She wrote her thesis on trademark law, regarding the subject of use requirements for registered trademarks, which she found an interest in after seeing several practical issues on this subject through her work.
Through this work she gained a valuable insight into IP rights and the importance of correct protection, enforcement, and strategy in order to capitalize on investments in companies and their intellectual property, and the work done to build IP rights within the company.

During her studies, Pernille had internships at various law firms and governmental bodies, providing practical experience from several points of view, both in IP law as well as other areas of the law. Before this she worked in the furniture industry, as well as clothing industry. Through work and studies, she has gained interest and knowledge of technology and innovation.
Pernille has been employed at Onsagers since February 2021.