Portrett av Eirik Kjell Røhmen

Career History

1997 – d.d.: Onsagers AS, European Patent Attorney / Partner


1989: University of Trondheim, MSc, physical chemistry

1995: Norwegian University of Science & Technology (NTNU) PhD, process metallurgy

2002: University of Oslo, Patent and Trademark Law


Eirik is a European Patent Attorney specialising in the Materials Science and Process Chemistry sectors. He has almost 19 years’ experience of drafting and prosecuting patent applications in the Norwegian and European Patent Offices, and providing advice on Intellectual Property Rights protection. He has a particular focus on the production processes and products of industrial clients.
Eirik serves as a substitute member of the CSP Working Group at The Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office, a role he has held since 2012.
He has also delivered an introduction course on Intellectual Property Rights to Norwegian School of Entrepreneurship students at the University of Oslo.

Key Experience

Eirik has worked closely with large industrial manufacturers of solar cells and fertilizers. He has also worked closely with many start-up companies, as well as more established companies in a wide range of technological fields. These include: additive manufacturing, carbon capture and sequestration, incineration technology, smoke gas cleaning, high-temperature thermoelectric elements, metallurgical industry, electrochemical industry, and so on.
The main focus of Eirik’s work has been to identify key parameters of a client’s processes and products, before drafting patent applications to protect them; then following up the prosecution of these applications, wherever they are filed. Another important aspect of his work is assisting clients in patent disputes in opposition procedures.