Portrett av Eirik Rødsand

Articles, Publications, Speeches

  • Giving speeches in Patent Law – organized by NIPO
  • Giving speeches in International Patent Law and patent protection – organized by NIPO

Career History

2007 – Date: Onsagers, Associate Attorney at Law, Attorney at Law, Partner, now Senior Partner

1999 – 2006: NIPO, Legal Advisor


6 Years/University of Oslo /Cand Jur (Master of Law)/Law


Norske Advokatforening


Norwegian, English


WTR review 2017

Eirik is an IP litigation lawyer with 20 years’ experience and an acknowledged expert in the strategic use of Intellectual Property Rights, gaining recognition as an “IP Star” by Managing Intellectual Property magazine. He is primarily engaged within patent, trademark, design, and market law, and is best known for his work with Ringnes, Swix Sport, Akastor and Aker.

Eirik represented Norway at the Law Committee at the European Patent Organisation (EPO), the WIPO Standing Committee on the Law of Patents, the Arbitration Committee for Employee Inventions and also at Nordic coordination workshops for IP matters. Before joining Onsagers in 2007, Eirik was a Legal Advisor at NIPO (Norwegian Patent Office).

Key Experience

  • Trademark litigation – successfully representing the founder of the Black Metal band GORGOROTH in dispute over musical group name
  • Patent litigation – successfully representing UIAS against patent infringement claims
  • Trademark litigation – Successfully representing Kanal 24/ TV2 (now Radio Norge) in trademark infringement case
  • Trademark litigation – successfully representing Carlings AS (Varner Group AS) in trademark dispute