Portrett av Alexander Hallingstad

Career History

2022 – d.d.: Attorney at Law, Onsagers AS

2018 – 2022: Associate/Attorney at Law, Acapo AS

2018 – 2018: Examiner, Norwegian Industrial Property Office

2017 – 2018: Legal adviser, Norwegian Board of Appeal for Industrial Property Rights


2011 – 2016: Master of Law, University of Bergen

2008 – 2011: BSc Molecular Medicine & Biochemistry, University of Essex


Norwegian, English

Alexander is an Attorney at Law and IP adviser at Onsagers. He assists clients in all industries, but is particularly focused on pharma, chemistry and biotechnology.

Before his law degree, Alexander received a bachelor’s degree in molecular medicine and biochemistry from the University of Essex. This has provided understanding for and interest in pharmaceutical technology. Consequently, Alexander started law school with the goal of working with industrial property and pharmaceutical innovation. He specialized in patent, trademark, design, and marketing law and chose patenting of pharmaceutical and biotechnological inventions as the subject for his thesis.

Alexander has worked with industrial property since finishing his studies. He started as a legal adviser in the Norwegian Board of Appeal for Industrial Property Rights (KFIR), where he examined and wrote decisions in refusal, opposition, and cancellation matters concerning both trademark and patent law. His main area was patent cases, which gave him the opportunity to research many interesting technologies. After KFIR he had a brief time as an examiner in the Norwegian IPO’s trademark department, but since autumn 2018 he has worked as an IP adviser and attorney.

As an adviser, Alexander has represented client’s before registration authorities as well as in court. He also has experience with establishing and enforcing rights, as well as with conflict resolution, in Norway and abroad. He enjoys working closely with his clients and is keen to achieve correct and cost-effective protection of IP-rights.

Alexander has worked at Onsagers since November 2022.