Brudeli’s Sustainable Innovation Shifting Gears: Secures 15 Million in Funding

Geir Brudeli

Geir Brudeli, CTO & founder. Photo: Brudeli Green Mobility AS, Børge Solem. 

Brudeli Green Mobility, a pioneering Norwegian transportation tech company, has developed the Brudeli Standalone Powerhybrid, a newly EU/US-patented hybrid gearbox for sustainable heavy-duty transport. The innovation has garnered attention for its energy-saving solutions, attracting a NOK 5 million (460K USD) investment from Norwegian fuel giant Hexagon Composites. Additionally, gearbox specialists Leax have invested 3 million NOK, thus increasing their stake in the company. Geir Brudeli, through his company Brudeli Tech, has previously sold technology to Yamaha in Japan. How is this possible, stemming from the modest town of Hokksund (population less than 10 000)? 

Hexagon Composites ASA, a leading global provider of clean fuel solutions for commercial vehicles and gas transportation solutions, led the investment round in collaboration with current shareholder LEAX Group AB. Leax is a key player in advanced gearbox components for commercial vehicles committing 5 MNOK and 3 MNOK, respectively, with the remaining funding sourced from other existing and new shareholders. Total funding of NOK 15 million, giving a pre-money valuation of NOK 128 million. 

“With Hexagon’s background and expertise, they will be an important partner for Brudeli. However, we wouldn’t have been attractive if we didn’t also represent significant value and technology contributing to the green shift,” says Geir Brudeli, CTO of Brudeli Green Mobility. 

“Brudeli has very exciting technology,” says Eric Bippus, EVP Sales & Systems Development, Hexagon Agility. “We believe hybrid could play a role in commercial trucking in the future and we want to take an active role in bringing that to the market.” 

The Swedish company Leax, already a stakeholder in Brudeli, has further committed to the firm’s innovative trajectory by investing an additional 3 MNOK (USD 275K) in current round.  

“As a long-term investor in Brudeli we are excited to welcome Hexagon as an investor and their addition as a collaborator within the Brudeli team. Our strong co-operation has led to this point where the technology of the Powerhybrid is taking a major step forward with the launch of a test vehicle in 2024. The need for innovative solutions for decarbonization has never been greater and we are confident that the Brudeli team of innovators will continue to deliver groundbreaking technology,” says Tony Nicol, CEO at Leax. 

Brudeli Standalone Powerhybrid (SAPH) and Sustainable Innovation 

CTO Geir Brudeli highlights their innovative hybrid gearbox, which is patented in the EU and the USA with Onsagers as intellectual property advisors. This gearbox allows trucks to operate 80% on electricity and 20% on alternative fuels, significantly reducing emissions compared to current solutions and enabling trucks to drive in zero-emission zones on electricity. 

The groundbreaking aspect of the Brudeli SAPH lies in its ability to allow heavy vehicles to utilize a combination of different energy sources, rather than switching between them. The Brudeli Standalone Powerhybrid ensures an optimal combination, providing drivers with the confidence that they can reach their destination or a refueling and charging station. 

Additionally, the need for large batteries is reduced with the Brudeli SAPH, which in turn decreases the vehicle’s weight and thus its energy requirements. 

Brudeli’s Standalone, Innovative Gearbox Delivers Sustainable Operation 

Long-haul road transportion accounts for a significant portion of the total global energy consumption and, consequently, greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, there is a high demand for solutions that reduce these emissions.  

The Brudeli Standalone Powerhybrid is mounted onto the truck’s driveline as a separate unit (shown below) but connected to the standard gearbox. 


Brudeli Standalone Powerhybrid 

Onsagers Partnership is Important 

Geir Brudeli states that collaborating with Onsagers has been pivotal for the company to secure the patents for their sustainable innovation: 

“The partnership with Onsagers and Geir Langli has been extraordinary. I have engaged Onsagers for twenty years for IP-related work and protection, such as patenting and trademark protection. Such protection creates business opportunities. This is absolutely crucial for early-stage investors, such as angel investors, as well as for venture capital. It provides clarity in dialogue with partners and investors, thereby creating a commercial position through IP. A systematic approach is crucial and gives credibility towards investors, even from a small office in Hokksund”, says Geir Brudeli, and continues: 

 “One advantage with Onsagers is the unique combination of legal and technical expertise, as well as their capacity to raise patent development and other IP protections to a strategic level. Commercially speaking, it is about highlighting the value in the intangible assets, whether it’s patentable technology, trademarks, or other IP tools.”  

Sustainable Innovation Sold to Yamaha 

The employees at Brudeli have collectively contributed to 26 patents worldwide. In 2018, Geir Brudeli, through the company Brudeli Tech, sold his patented three-wheeled motorcycles technology to Yamaha, for a, a noteworthy achievement considering Hokksund’s modest recognition in Japan. 

Geir Brudeli is a self-proclaimed Hokksund patriot, and affirms that with the technological cluster in the region, there is no reason why high-level, international innovation cannot happen there. Specifically, within the heavy-duty truck sector, he acknowledges that the Kongsberg cluster offers Brudeli a unique position. 

Together for Sustainable Innovation 

Partnerships are vital for Brudeli, exemplified by its collaboration with Emoss Mobile Systems BV from the Netherlands, experts in vehicle electrification.  

In the small, Swedish town of Køping, Brudeli found Leax AB, a longtime partner and investor with expertise complementary to Brudeli. 

What are the success factors that draw major players in the global market to collaborate with the Hokksund-based inventor of the Brudeli Standalone Powerhybrid? 

The factors include: 

1. Solutions that reduce emissions and at the same time cover all transportation needs are needed 

2. Smaller battery size compared to pure battery operation (BEV). 

3. Plug-in electric charging, more cost-effective than fossil fuels. 

4. Compatibility with existing truck platforms. 

5. Enables the use of smaller engines. 

Currently, the SAPH is patented in the USA and the EU, and patent pending other regions (India and China). The gearbox is at the concept stage (Proof of Concept), with the production of the first full size truck prototype nearing. 

In collaboration with Emoss, previously mentioned, Brudeli is constructing a truck in the Netherlands, expected to hit the road in Q2 2024. This model, representing a significant segment in the European market, has substantial potential.  

The objective is to have Brudeli SAPH installed in a truck fleet, with regular serial production commencing in 2027.