Kristin Holmgren
Patent attorney

Phone: (+47) 23 32 77 61


Kristin Holmgren is a Patent Attorney who has been working in Intellectual Property since 2006. She has a degree in biotechnology and has experience with patenting of life science and chemistry; in particular she is familiar with legal aspects of patenting within life science, such as biological materials, recombinant gene technology and uses in medicine.

Kristin is experienced in the technical areas of life science, biotechnology, chemistry and pharmacy, in particular molecular biology, virology and biochemistry.

Before joining Onsagers, she was a Patent Examiner at The Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO), carrying out searches and investigations, and processing application for patent protection in biotechnology. At NIPO she was also an Examiner for the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

Key Experience

Kristin has extensive experience with providing sequence searches and searches regarding prior art, freedom to operate and invalidity. She provides advice on patentability and best practice for obtaining patent protection. She also has experience in drafting and handling patent applications, handling 3th party observations and oppositions, as well as re-examination and appeal procedures.
In addition, Kristin has experience in preforming FTO analysis and infringement issues in relation to industrial food products.

Her previous role as s Sectional Engineer working in Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine means she understands different laboratory and analytical techniques, like cell culturing, cloning, PCR-analysis, genetic analysis, immunoassays, DNA/protein/microarrays, chromatography etc.

Career History

2014 – Date: Onsagers, Patent Attorney
2006 – 2014: The Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO), Senior Engineer/Patent Examiner
2005: Norwegian University of Science & Technology, Department of Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine, Sectional Engineer


1998 – 2006: Norwegian University of Science & Technology, Cand. Scient, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology

Publications & Articles

Bathen TF et al. “Omega-3 fatty acids suppress growth of SW620 human colon cancer xenografts in nude mice”. Anticancer Res. 2008 Nov-Dec;28(6A):3717-23
Schønberg SA et al. “Closely related colon cancer cell lines display different sensitivity to polyunsaturated fatty acids, accumulate different lipid classes and downregulate sterol regulatory element-binding protein 1”. FEBS J. 2006 Jun;273(12):2749-65