Henrik Rode
Patent Attorney

Cellphone: (+47) 97 73 45 10


Henrik is a patent attorney and a graduate civil engineer at Marine Technology from Norwegian Technical and Natural Sciences University (NTNU). He is working on mapping needs and opportunities to protect intellectual property (IP), with a focus on patents. In addition, he prepares and manages patent applications in Norway and internationally.

Henrik’s clients are SMB and entrepreneurs, and he has experience in various engineering areas, such as marine systems, marine engineering, marine wind turbines, LNG, machinery and petroleum technology, as well as marine operations with heavy lift and submarine cables. He also has knowledge about oil drilling in the Arctic.

Henrik’s areas of expertise are: Ship and Maritime, Oil and Gas, Aquaculture and Fishing, and Mechanical Industry.

Henrik provides guidance on the strategic use of patents in innovation as well as technology cooperation and development, where the focus is on identifying and protecting competitive advantages of strategic importance for companies or projects.

Henrik assesses the validity and extent of the competitors’ patents and can conduct protests and objections. He also considers risk of intervention and provides advice on patent enforcement. Henrik handles IP due diligence evaluations and performs action-rate analyzes (FTO) for companies and projects in technical and commercial contexts.

Henrik Rode has been employed in Onsagers since 2016.

Career History

2016 – d.d .: Onsagers AS, Patent Adviser
2015 – 2016: Patent Office, Chief Engineer
2014 – 2015: Patent Director, Department Engineer


2017: Université de Strasbourg, France
LL.M. – IP Law and Management

2009 – 2014: Norwegian Technical and Natural Sciences University (NTNU), Civil Engineer, Marine Technology


Norwegian and English.