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Geir Langli
European Patent Attorney

Phone: (+47) 23 32 77 54


Geir has nearly 10 years of experiences in patent law practice, focusing mainly on patent mining and drafting, providing advice on patentability and best practice for obtaining patent protection, handling domestic and foreign patents and PCT applications, prosecution and appeal, 3rd party observations and oppositions, responding to office actions, patent invalidation and infringement litigations, FTO, due diligence and providing patent validity analysis and other IP matter-related consultation. With a PhD degree in organic chemistry and a degree in mechanical engineering, Geir has unique background to deal with the current shift towards converging technology patents. Also with an in-depth knowledge of the EPO patent prosecution, litigation proceedings and investigation procedures.

Working as a patent attorney, Geir represents many multinational companies in managing their patent portfolio world wide. Geirs practice focuses mainly on patent prosecution and patent drafting. With a background as a researcher in Lauras in the field of medical chemistry Geir also has an extensive understanding of the research process as well as the field of medical engineering.

Geir has experience in technical areas; Chemical industry, Construction and Building, Mechanical industry, Oil and gas, Pharma and biotech, Renewable energy, The food industry


European Patent Attorney

Onsagers AS
– Present

In Onsagers Dr. Langli works with patent consulting within the technical fields of organic chemistry, polymer chemistry and general mechanical engineering.  Dr. Langli works with Norwegian and international clients, providing a wide range of services, including patent application drafting, patent application prosecution, patent invalidation proceeding and patent infringement analysis.

When working with multinational customers Dr. Langli provide: strategic IP management, connecting IP strategy with business strategy. Working on optimizing company value based on IP assets. IP portfolio management and optimizing portfolio value based on business strategy. In 2017 he completed his EQE exam.

 Patent Attorney

Onsagers AS
– 2017

Patent Attorney

Oslo Patentkontor AS
(4 years)

In Oslo Patentkontor Geir worked with patent application drafting, patent application prosecution, patent invalidation proceeding, and patent infringement analysis.

Patent examiner

Norwegian Industrial property office
(2 years)

In NIPO Geir worked as a patent examiner in the field of medicinal chemistry.


Lauras AS
(4 years)

Lauras was a small medical research company, focusing on the discovery of new compounds for use in HIV treatment. Geir worked as a scientist synthesising compounds/candidates for testing.


European patent office

European Patent Attorney, EQE

Univeristy of Oslo

1992 – 2002
PhD, Organic chemistry

Oslo College of Engineering

Engineer, HVAC/Mechanics. .


Univeristy of Oslo – publication

Ph.D. Organic chemistry, The University of Oslo. Title: “Synthesis of spiro-bridged zirconocenes and their use as polymerisation catalysts”.

 Univeristy og Oslo – publication

Cand. Scient. Organic chemistry. Title: “Regioselective palladium catalyzed couplings between 2,6-dihalopurines and organometallics”.


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