Frøydis Rikardsen


Frøydis is an associate attorney and IP adviser. She completed her Norwegian Master of Laws at the University of Oslo and has also completed an LLM at the University of Richmond, specialising in intellectual property law. The studies has given her good knowledge about intellectual property rights, also in an international perspective.

Frøydis previously […]

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Christian Rackur

Onsagers AS
Neuer Wall 1
203545 Hamburg


Christian Rackur is a mechanical engineer and a German patent attorney.

Prior to joining Onsagers, Christian worked at Maiwald since 2007 and joined a spin-off of Maiwald in early 2016. He has extensive experience in patent prosecution, including handling large patent portfolios, drafting patent applications at a very high rate, lead coordination […]

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Alexander Hallingstad


Alexander is an Attorney at Law and IP adviser at Onsagers. He assists clients in all industries, but is particularly focused on pharma, chemistry and biotechnology.

Before his law degree, Alexander received a bachelor’s degree in molecular medicine and biochemistry from the University of Essex. This has provided understanding for and interest in pharmaceutical technology. […]

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Stefan Sasse

Onsagers AS
Neuer Wall 1
20354 Hamburg

A mechanical and design engineer with a profound understanding of technical creativity.

Stefan Sasse is a German and European patent attorney and Partner in the Mechanics group of ONSAGERS. As a professor, he teaches design engineering and mechanics in Hamburg.

In addition to protective rights of technical inventions in mechanical engineering and of […]

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Torill Jørgensen Bolstad


Torill is an Attorney at Law, and has more than 20 years experience working with technology driven industry, both as a commercial adviser and as a legal professional. She has particular expertise in contracts law, and has worked with a vast variety of contracts throughout the value chain. Her experience spans from areas of research […]

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Eivind Roverud


Eivind has extensive experience from patenting within life-sciences. He has had IP-responsibility in many innovation projects concerning antibiotics, pharmaceutical formulations, cell therapy, gene therapy and antibodies. He is passionate for connecting patent protection to business-plans, so customers get value for money. Furthermore, he has worked a lot with Freedom-to-operate (FTO) analysis for minimizing the risk […]

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Hedvig Bengston


Hedvig is a Senior Legal Advisor at Onsagers. She has broad experience with intellectual property law, and specialist expertise with design- and trademark law. She assists clients in a wide range of intellectual property related matters, including strategic advice, establishment of rights, enforcement, awareness raising and conflict resolution.

Hedvig is particularly passionate about combatting IPR-infringements and […]

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Pernille Rekdal


Pernille is an associate attorney specialized in IP. She has worked with a broad scope of IP rights, and has experience with IP litigation, enforcing rights, infringement matters, IP strategy and management.
During her time at law school she specialized in patent and trademark law, marketing law, competition law and cyber security, as well as […]

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Janicke Hoven


Janicke is an Associate Attorney and IP counsel with an LLM degree specialising in Intellectual Property and the Digital Economy. The specialisation has given Janicke a great interest in and good knowledge about intellectual property, especially from an EU legal perspective. The main focus of the LLM and master’s thesis was trademark law, which has […]

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Tonje Sønstevold


Tonje has a background from basic research within the biological sciences. She holds a major in physiology and a doctorate in molecular cell biology. Tonje has worked as a researcher within fields varying from hyperbaric oxygen treatment of radiation injuries in rat models, to viral fish diseases and nanoparticle-induced cellular stress responses in human cell […]

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