Onsagers is an international, full-service intellectual property law firm handling all forms of intellectual property. Our experience with international business over 70-years makes us a uniquely positioned law firm to advocate our client’s trademarks, design and patents, and make sure that their intellectual property rights are properly secured, maintained, and protected.


International clients

We are trusted by some of the world’s leading brands, as well as many niche players to advocate their most important property

  • Epson

  • Hard Rock Cafe

  • Harley Davidson

  • Mars

  • Sandoz   

  • Superdry

Onsagers is a top-tier, full-service firm with 30 patent attorneys and attorneys at law. With more ex-Norwegian Patent Office (NIPO) attorneys than any other firm, with extensive NIPO experience as well as acting as expert witnesses and expert judge.

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Handling IP issues for more than six decades, with 50 people at your service, we understand the challenges in-house lawyers face, how you think but also what you need from a specialist firm like ours, especially in terms of quality, speed and cost.

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Onsagers help with European Patent Office applications as part of our ‘full-service’ offering for all IP legal matters. We’ve handled and prosecuted cases in more than 140 different jurisdictions, and employ more technical PhDs than any other law firms in Norway.

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